Dän kʼe Poetry

Please email me your dän kʼe poems:  khasha.stephen@gmail.com    for upload onto this page 🙂


here is one I wrote:



dákeyi shäwkwathan achʼe

nlháta dákeyi keshäw kwakʼü ayū

shekʼa áyenji shäwkwathan

kwata tsʼan níthat


Our land is beautiful

sometimes our land is very cold

still I am happy

to stand in our country


Though not in Dákwanjè this poem I wrote does focus around language:


When A punch is thrown

When a punch is thrown at our language, I will take that punch

When the government tightens itʼs vice on the throats of our elders yet again, I will take the place of the elder, so they can rest. 

When our language is crying because her dear elder companion has passed on, I will stand with language and sing songs of comfort and solace

When our language is frightened and scared, looking for her children, I will hold her hand and take her to the kids

When the forests and streams, lakes and mountains look for their Dákwanjè children, I will go with all those I can gather to harvest and visit

When the heartbeat of our language grows stronger, I will dance and sing and whoop and holler, hand in hand with my people.