Language Sessions

On this page we have language sessions for you to listen to and learn Dákwanjè. 


Have a listen to Kʼaxhnuxh, Paddy Jim give a language lesson to Khâsha:


April 3rd transcript:

  Kʼaxhnuxh – April 3rd, 2006 – Khâsha

Kletagatl’ – (Ł)Table Knife (00:25)

Áyi kwadítl’a – I’m nervous (1:40)

with-me  ?

Áyea shäw nnlį – My son is ok (1:52)

My-son  good   he-is

Ánây tágā ur – Up stream way (2:15)

up-stream river ?

Ádè – Down stream way (2:45)

Ánây keyi kwats’àn tágā ur  – I’m going to up-stream country (3:05)

up-stream country to-there river

Guch’an anich’e ghâsi – White people can make anything (3:20)

white-people things-it they-make

Dì yudukal ni – I’m getting some tea (3:40)

tea     ?     will

Dímbat – I’m hungry (4:20)

Tea ághan ka – Get me tea (4:45)

tea   for-me  for

Tea dûmur ni – I am boiling tea (5:15)

tea will-boil will

Aduch’ü ni dúrmat – I’m hungry I’m going to cook something (6:30)

  will-cook  will iʼm-hungry

Àyet guch’an ye keni keghą kwálhè? – What white people talk about? (8:05)

that white-people with they-say for-it they-speak

Sà dhuh ts’âat – Beaver skin hat (10:05)

beaver skin    hat

Ásà dhuh  tsâat chiiakhęl – I lost my beaver skin hat

My-beaver skin    hat     I-lost-it (10:35)

Tl’akų nach’êw?  – Is that good enough now? (12:45)

enough  is-it




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